106 Knitting Days….

christmas 2007
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I love Christmas.  I have been known to sing Jingle Bells year round.  My husband refers to me as a HOLIDORK. People complain “its too early to think about Christmas…But me, I think of old traditions, handmade gifts, people being consciously friendly for the season (when I really wish people would be consciously friendly year-round).

It also helped that I used to do craft shows and needed to have my Christmas items ready before August for judging and build up my inventory before the fall shows started!

For many years, I have a little competition with myself as to how many gifts I can make each year vs how little I buy.  I also build up a small inventory of knitted items for my son’s school “Children’s Craft Sale”.  On Ravelry there’s a group that shares the trials & tribulations of gift knitting: Some preplan a year in advance, while others leave it to the last minute to knit into the wee hours of Christmas morning…I’ve done both

I’m quite sure my sister-in-law will be ‘peeking’ but here’s a sampling of what I’ll be working on this fall:

1) The Hitchiker Scarf – This is great in a self-striping or variegated sock yarn to display more prominently than as socks on the feet!

2) The Bandana Cowl – Bulky yarn, quick knits are a must for holiday knitting!!! Plus, I may just knit this for myself..

3) The Baktus Scarf – do you sense a theme here??

4)  iPhone Sock – quick knit, leftover yarn, most people own one of these things, perfect for the school craft sale!

5) Dobby Booksock – what avid young reader wouldn’t know what this is?? Again, quick knit, leftover yarn 🙂

I’ll share more later…happy knitting!

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