Happy New Year & SKM

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All the best to everyone in the New Year!

As is a ‘new’ tradition (new to me since 2012), apparently January is Selfish Knitting Month.  I did follow through on that last year, although it was very difficult to NOT give away the knitting 🙂  I have yarn & pattern selected for my ‘gift’ this month, however…

I have not finished the IOU gift yet.  For the 2nd year in a row, my brother takes one for the team, and is left with no gift but instead was given a bag with balls of yarn & a pattern for socks within it.  I’ve finished ONE sock so far, but life (read: novice hockey tournament) got in the way, and I’ve only just cast on the 2nd sock….

Yes, I can whip up a pair of lovely socks in a weekend (like the socks I finished in 2 days for my husband this year – finished by 11pm Christmas Eve).  But, these socks, are Socks for Soldiers, with specific instructions and 12 inch long legs….I might as well have knit my brother his kilt socks (which are still owing to him by the way)…

I will finish the socks by the weekend, then will cast-on my personal, selfish project….

In the meantime, I have already figured out 2 of next years knitmas gifts…and once I finish my selfish knitting…I’ll start early on 2013 knitmas and avoid the IOU gifts…. (famous last words…)

How about you? Did you finish all the knitmas/handmade gifts you had originally planned?

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