Knitvent Day 3

I easily get distracted during the month of December.  I usually have a ‘plan’ for my gift knitting but I see some wonderful ideas from following others on Instagram and Ravelry.

Yesterday was a distraction day!  I’ve seen a number of these knit stars popping up in my feeds, so it gave me the idea I could “whip up” a dozen of these for the school holiday market.

I made 2 failed attempts before my gauge seem tight enough for stuffing – and managed 2 stars in one afternoon. I am faster now that I know what I’m doing with these, but the distraction is now deluding me into knitting a bunch for my own tree and maybe extra gift knits.

Pattern is Stjarna and is a free download on Ravelry


img_2169Knit pumpkins seem to be filling my Pinterest feed, and I must admit, they are irresistibly cute.  Years ago (2009!?) I made a felted pumpkin for our ‘nature table’ and it has been our fall decoration ever since.  It’s been a lonely little pumpkin, so with all these pins, I thought it time I knit some companions.

First off, “Autumn Pumpkin” by Jan Lewis – I used leftover gold yarn from a Dr. Who scarf I had knit, figuring I could make a Dr.Who themed pumpkin table.  Quick knit, but I found the closings tough on the hands. Pulling 30 stitches tight makes a nice gathered look for the top & bottom of the pumpkin, but its hard on the hands depending on the yarn & needle you use.

Next up, I found a popular pin that kept redirecting, after many tries, I finally got one that worked without redirecting, and read through this pattern – I have yet to make it, but its another closure that I think will hurt my hands…but don’t they look adorably cute?

img_2171Ravelry has a bunch of others, but I created my own pattern by increasing and decreasing like I would the top of a hat.  I know those smaller openings makes stuffing it difficult, so I’m still playing with how it works.  I like neat crown increases (if you’ve ever seen my purple hat pattern), so its still an experiment requiring me to make some more 🙂

Happy knitting!