Upside down and backwards

It’s been years of me saying I’ll knit myself a new christmas stocking, since mine is so much smaller than hubby & child’s…(yes I’m glossng over the fact its been years since I last posted here).

Each year, I’m usually too busy with gift knits to get around to my stocking, so this year, I started the stocking after Christmas, so it’ll be ready for next year.  I’m following this Falling Snowflake pattern and after starting off great, realized I needed my name added.

Now, when knitting a sweater or blanket, you just chart and go…but this stocking is in the round and top down…so I could chart my name using excel, but needed it to be upside down.

I tried a couple of things:

1) I searched Ravelry for upside down alphabet charts – didn’t find one
2) I googled upside down alphabet charts – didn’t get results I needed.
3) I charted name as per usual in Excel then knit it backwards from what I’d usually do with a chart.

  • I set my column widths to .74cm so it would look like the graph chart in use by the stocking pattern
  • I chose to have the letters in the same height as the 2nd snowflake band of the pattern so only 10 rows high
  • My letters were ‘narrow’ but I still had to add an extra repeat of the snowflake pattern (ie cast on an extra 32 stitches) in order to fit my whole name.

And now I have my own ‘larger’ stocking, albeit still smaller than the other two