Our Services

I’ve been knitting for 40+ years and I know how much love and care goes into making a handknit garment. I also know those items become favourites; nostalgia items that invoke memories; and, family heirlooms. Only a knitter knows how to reknit a section so it blends with the whole garment.

01 Repair Holes

Whether from moths, snags, or years of wear, we can reknit or darn the hole.
Reknitting makes for invisible repairs using yarn from the garment itself, or we try to find a close match from our stock of yarns. (Most sweaters with a few small holes can be fixed for $35Cdn)
Darning makes for “Funky Repairs ” that can be done in an alternate colour or pattern to turn that hole into an artful fashion statement.

02 Depilling and HandWashing

Nothing makes a wool item look more aged than pilling (little nubs of fuzz that occur from natural fibers rubbing against one another). Pilling tends to collect dirt and snags, so that fuzzy sweater can soon become holey.
Speaking of dirt, before you store your favourite sweaters, be sure to have them cleaned so the dirt doesn’t attract moths!

03 Knitting

Time permitting, we will take on commissioned knits. Our specialties are socks, stockings, kilt socks, and newborn layettes.
Note, we will not take on any new requests during the months of October through to December.

04 Classes

Beginner knitting; Sock knitting; Cable workshops; Kids Can Knit – classes to be announced.

05 Supplies

We sell supplies to help you keep your reclaimed knits looking their best – including the Sweater Stone to remove pills.