ReKnit, Repair, Reclaim

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are not currently taking items for repair due to compromised immune systems.  You can email us to be put on a waiting list at connect AT stringandbeans DOT com

Don’t throw out those beloved hand-knit sweaters, socks, scarves because they can be made good as new!

Your favourite cashmere sweater can have those holes reknit. Your heirloom baby blanket can have that snag repaired. Reclaim your favourite woolens!

We do swiss-mending (invisible repairs as long as yarn colour can be matched) or patchwork/darning to make fun, colourful repairs that stand out. In some cases the repair requires tearing back and reknitting (or crocheting!)

You can send photos of items to be repaired for a quote.

Victoria, BC CANADA