Less than 24 hrs before MASS CAST ON!!

The Ravellenic 2012 Games are nearly upon us! 

From what *I* remember, this “knitting olympics” originally started as a winter only event in 2006 by YarnHarlot.  After Ravelry was born, they ran the Summer games in 2008, and again for winter 2010.

Personally, I’ve only participated in the 2010 Ravelympics (that WAS its name then – not any longer due to a nasty letter about us knitters denigrating the games…when in reality a nice ‘please note Olympics is trademarked and you are infringing, please change your name’ would have been fine). 
But I digress…

There are various teams, but again for 2012, I’ll be competing with Team Canada.  It was great to share & chat online with fellow hockey fans ;), while we knitted & cheered.  This year Team Camada outdid themselves with compiling a list of Canadian Designers AND Canadian Yarns if you really want to challenge yourself.  We’re also trying to have groups of knitters meet for the MASS CAST ON & post photos of their cities to share with other Team Canada Knitters.  We’ll be knitting at Cabin 12, 1pm Pacific time 🙂

Not on Ravelry?  Get yourself signed up – knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners ALL have events.  Info is here if you have a sign in, otherwise here’s a brief overview (get yourself signed up & Join Team Canada).

The Basic RULES

Pertinent bits of info as collated by the International Ravellenic Games Committee
Ravellenics 2012
July 27 – Aug 12, 2012
The One Rule To Rule Them All:
Challenge yourself by starting and finishing one or more projects during the 2012 Summer Olympics.
What will be a stretch for you? It could be a new technique, that first sweater or pair of socks, something massive, something delicate, or maybe finishing that monster in the closet. The goal of the Ravellenics is to support you in expanding your knitting/crocheting horizons.

When do we start?
We have a firm start time with a Mass Cast On during the Opening Ceremonies. When the Olympic games kick off in London (2100 BST) that’ll be your start time, whatever time that is in your timezone.
Events  There are 32 events this year. Some have firm rules, some are open to interpretation. You decide which event(s) you’d like to enter. Each event has a unique tag and each project must be tagged to get counted in the tallies. the tagging tool will launch closer to start of the Games

Pick an event, create project page with special tags, and cast on with thousands to compete. That’s it in a nutshell.

 Just remember the one rule: Challenge yourself and have fun!
That’s it!
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