36 days and counting…

Each year my son’s school hosts a Holiday Market during school hours where the school children go shopping for their families’ gifts (My son is now 11 and I’ve never had to take him Christmas shopping as a result!!!)  I usually donate dozens of handknit face/dish cloths, a few hats, and usually a unique, one-of-a-kind scarf or shawl towards this market.  My son knew to never buy the handknits since it was likely made by me, and I’ve received lovely lavender tea; homemade caramels, chocolates and other delicious treats.

So I’m busy working on some of those items and realize, there are only 36 knitting days until I have to get a bunch of family gifts completed!  There are lots of pinterest posts out there that show ‘quick knits’ or ‘one-hour knits’ but I have a few that are popular with friends/family

  1. Socks – my sister-in-law LOVES my handknit socks – where I can whip a pair up quickly, as the deadline looms closer, hiking socks are a better bet – thicker yarn & larger needles knit up quickly
  2. Hats – the children tend to lose these so having extra on hand are a great idea…having a child in hockey means we hockey moms could use a few as well – I’ve made almost a dozen of these “Capitan” hats for hockeymoms I know
  3. fingerless gloves – if your favourite teen (or adult) needs the dexterity for their phone, fingerless gloves are the way to go without the finicky knitting of individual fingers (and these ones are knit flat for those that don’t like dpns)
  4. so many more ideas but I have to get back to my knitting – I’ll post again later 😉