Happy belated New Year!  I was not feeling very happy January 1st, so I tried my best to stay off the internet.  But, I still managed to cast on a new project to start the new year and if it weren’t for my arm, I would have finished it on the 1st…instead it finished January 2nd, and included remembering how to make pompoms!

I can’t stop trimming the pompom #cirro #woollywormheadhats

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I had an old set of Pom-po-Nette from my grandmother, but the pompom would only be 1.75″ and this called for a 3″ pompom.  So after digging through recycling for plastic yogurt lids, I managed to make 2 3″ circles with a 1.5″ centre as per the pattern.  My steps were to create a manual compass out of cardboard, then I drew the circles, then realized it might be easier to cut if I used the tip of an exacto knife in the ‘compass’.

creating 3″ circles from yogurt lids
Thumbtack centre, cardboard compass, golf pencil to trace
Exacto knife cutting w compass
Finished circles

After all this I wanted to figure a speedier way to make pompoms so last evening I went Pinterest searching and found a couple of neat tricks:

The classic cardboard circle method I learned as a child:

Two toilet paper rolls (much easier imo) & a fork for smaller ones:

And of course the commercial version that would be very speedy indeed from Clover:

One method I may try when I need a bunch of gifts done would be this method:

Happy pompom making!